Why Do We Get Yellow Teeth?

Why go we get yellow teeth? There are a number of reasons that cause our teeth to become yellow. Don’t worry all hope isn’t lost, there are ways to make your teeth white even though they are yellow. Read more at the end of the article.


Genetics can be pretty unfair. Sometimes white teeth color runs in the family and sometimes yellow teeth color is passed down. There are actually four natural teeth colors: Red/Brown, red/yellow, gray and gray/yellow.

Genetics cause yellow teeth



Dentin is a brown material under your teeth and it is responsible for the yellow you see when you look in the mirror.



Your teeth will, unfortunately, get more yellow as you age. It is impossible to keep your teeth 100% white, but you can luckily use a teeth whitening system to make your teeth white again. Read more at the end of the article.



Antibiotics damage teeth when they are developing in the gums. If your mother took antibiotics in the second half of her pregnancy, or you took them before the age of eight, you may have permanently yellow adult teeth…

But don’t worry you can fix them with the proper teeth whitening system. Read more at the end of the article.

Cosmetic dentistry



Smoking damages your teeth over time, you probably know someone who smokes that doesn’t have the whitest smile.



A lot of foods cause yellow teeth, even healthy food can make your teeth yellow. Try researching the most common foods that cause the most amount of damage in your life.

Drink a lot of water after a meal to lower the acid levels in your mouth.



Soda, coffee, tea/iced tea, wine, etc. are some of the most damaging drinks to the teeth. They are also the most common reason that people especially children get yellow teeth.

To avoid yellow teeth when drinking something damaging is to drink through a straw. The liquid will still damage your teeth but, the process will slow down and the drink will not get on your front teeth.

coffee cause yellow teeth



Fluoride is good for your teeth, it is the main ingredient in almost every toothpaste. But too much fluoride can lead to yellow and brown spots called fluorosis. To prevent this check if your water supply has extra fluoride added to it.


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